Sprawdź, czy w Anglii dałabyś / dałbyś sobie radę prowadzić rozmowę na poziomie podstawowym.

Jakie są angielskie odpowiedniki następujących zdań?

Aby zobaczyć prawidłową odpowiedź, kliknij w polskie zdanie. Jednorazowo można zobaczyć tylko jedną odpowiedź.

Make yourself at home!

Uwaga: błędna wersja Feel like at home! – propagowana w Polsce podczas Euro 2012 ( !!! ) –  jest typowym przykładem tego, co Anglicy i Amerykanie określają jako Ponglish, czyli substandard English w wydaniu polskim.

Help yourself to coffee and cakes!

Uwaga: Anglicy nie są tak gościnni, jak Polacy.  Help yourself to  ... znaczy, że normalne angielskie „skąpstwo” jest chwilowo zawieszone i że można naprawdę wziąć tyle, ile się chce, nie przejmując się za bardzo konwenansami.

Have some coffee and cakes! /
Will you have some coffee and cakes?

The car wouldn’t start.

It’s not worth my while travelling there.

She’s my mother’s age.

In other words, we’ve been robbed.

Could I have a word (with you)?

I’ve never had an accident, touch wood.

I like the fact that the windows have locks.

I only hope we can find a taxi!

The alarm went off.

Italy won against France two-nil / by two goals to nil.

Fewer and fewer people smoke.

I came to the conclusion that ...

You’ve only got yourself to blame! /
It’s your own fault!

I hardly know anybody here.

Make your mind up one way or the other!

The sooner the better.

How do you spell it?

I can’t stand {him / jazz / being alone}.

You’re in no fit state to {drive / teach}.

I told you so! /
What did I tell you?

I dread / I shudder / I hate to think what she’ll do!

Coffee, please. No, on second thoughts, I’ll have tea.

At times his speech was comic.

What on earth did she do that for? /
Why on earth did she do that?

It works out cheaper.

We’re moving house.

Let’s face it – they’re better than us now.

Take an umbrella just in case.

It’s cheap compared with beef.

I could do with {a rest / a drink}.

in the future

Thank God he’s gone!

He’s good at {maths / biology}.

Put the {kettle / rice} on.

It’s in our own interest to help them find a flat.

Half a loaf is better than none.

I haven’t found anything so far.

They set fire to the barn.

There’s a fly in my soup!

She’s stopped singing. — And about time too!

I talked to her on the train.

What’s wrong with him? [akcent spoczywa na słowie him]

Let’s call it a day. /
Let’s knock off for today. [bardziej potocznie]

We have breakfast in the kitchen.

Don’t you dare read my e-mails!

This jam’s past its sell-by date. /
This jam’s past its use-by date.

We’re out of {flour / salt / petrol}. /
We’ve run out of {flour / salt / petrol}.

Don’t leave your passport lying around.

That’s (absolute) rubbish!

I understand — that is, I think I do!

Turn the {radio / music / TV} down!

buy a pig in a poke

I want the green dress in the window.

Do you want to go and see that film?

I had to pay in advance.

He told me himself.

Count yourself lucky (that) you’ve still got a job!

Have a nice holiday!
– (And the) same to you!

(And) not a moment too soon! /
None too soon!

Three pizzas to take away.

I’m starving!

I’ll get in touch with the driver of the van.

To make matters worse, she wants a divorce.

the exchange rate / the rate of exchange for the dollar against the euro

go up the stairs /
climb the stairs

do the washing-up /
wash the dishes /
wash up

Take as little luggage as possible.

From now on I’m only going to use this soap.

At this rate we’ll never finish!

I wanted to get rid of {him / my debts}.

He speaks fluent Spanish.

I went even though I hadn’t been invited.

It’s thirty degrees in the shade.

He’ll never get over it.

I found the subtitles (a bit) annoying.

What’s the French for “butter” ?

It happened on the eve of my wedding.

I can’t get through to him.

a number eighteen bus

In that case I won’t cancel my holiday.

every half hour

every quarter of an hour

The lights are red / amber / green.

I’m not going to work for nothing!

I always read on the tube.

There’s no way (that) she’ll agree.

That was years ago.

Don’t you love me? – No, I don’t love you!

I’ve got a splitting headache.

As far as I’m concerned, ... /
As far as my children are concerned, ...

Not to worry –  we can use my wife’s credit card.

Welcome to Poland!

We’ve spent too much as it is!

He’s behind bars.

You can’t beat British television!

All the better! /
So much the better!

I feel like a sandwich.

We don’t breed rats – he’s pulling your leg.

No wonder she didn’t come!

I suspected as much.

nought point nought one seven (0·017)

She’s split up with her boyfriend.

I’ve forgotten her name. It’ll come back to me in a minute.

I wanted to see another film.
– You should have said so!

We’re going to be famous!
– How do you mean?

You’ll have to wait an hour at (the) most.

No priest lives here – you must be mistaken.

So you’re Irish? – That’s right!

They’ll be here any minute (now).

We had to make do without fresh milk.

The wind’s very cold, so wrap up well.

There aren’t enough cups to go round.

I don’t feel up to cooking today.

I’ll put you through to the manager.

How shall I put it?

How was I (supposed) to know?

The sun’s in my eyes.

You don’t look your age.

I don’t trust him an inch.

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